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Saturday, October 19, 2019

How to make money from facebook (how to make money from facebook page)

How to make money from facebook (how to make money from facebook page)

How to earn money from Facebook: 
Today we will tell you in detail how to make money from facebook (how to make money from facebook page), how to earn money from facebook, how to earn money from facebook page (how to earn money from facebook page), from facebook page How to earn money, ways to earn money from facebook page, how to earn from facebook page

How to earn money from facebook (how to earn money from facebook page)
If you have a smartphone then you must be running Facebook. We usually use Facebook only to stay connected with our friends. Have you ever thought that the Facebook we use for chatting can also be earned from the same Facebook?

You must be surprised to hear that today people are earning millions from Facebook. If you also want to earn money from Facebook while sitting at home, then you have come to the right place. Today we will tell you how to make money from Facebook (How to make money from facebook page). Knowing how to earn money from Facebook, you too can earn millions, if not millions, sitting at home.

How to make money from facebook page

To make money from Facebook, we have to first create a Facebook page. Creating a Facebook page is very easy. You have to remember that it does not end with just creating a Facebook page. This Facebook page will prove to be useless if you do not add people to your Facebook page.

After creating a Facebook page, you need to add people to your Facebook page. The more people you can add, the more you will earn. How to add people to Facebook page depends on you. We will discuss how to add people from Facebook page in detail in another post.

Ways to make money from facebook
When your Facebook page is created and a lot of people get connected to it, then you can start earning money from this Facebook page. Now you must be thinking how to earn money from Facebook page. Below are three ways you can make money.

Ways to make money from facebook

1. By creating your own website

This is the best way to earn money from Facebook page. For this, you have to make a website of your own. If you cannot make your own website, then we will help you in creating the website.

When your website is created, whatever you write on your website, share it on your Facebook page. With this, people who will be connected to your Facebook page will be able to read that post on your website. When they read that post, they will also get to see some ads in that post. Some of them will also click on those ads, for which you will get money.

It can be understood by an example. Suppose you have a Facebook page - Hindi Vatika, with which a million people are connected. You also have a website of the same name. You write an article on your website. Now you share this article on your Facebook page. When you share your post on Facebook page, your post will get in the eyes of one lakh people. If only 50 thousand people go to your website to read that post, then this number is no less.

Now there will be at least 10 thousand people in 50 thousand who will read that post in detail. 

When these 10000 people will read your post completely, then they will get to see many ads. Out of those 10,000 people, there will be at least 100 people who will click on those ads.

If you get 1 dollar comfortably on 10 clicks in the website, then 100 clicks become 100 dollars, that is, about 600 rupees a day, 18000 rupees a month. This means that you can earn 20000 rupees a month very comfortably through your Facebook page while sitting at home.

2. By sharing the link of posts of other websites

This way to earn money from Facebook page is for those who cannot make their own website. If you cannot create your website, you can still earn money from Facebook page. There are many websites that want you to share the link of their website on their Facebook page. When you share the link of her post on your Facebook page, she gives you money for this. For this, at least one lakh people should be connected on your Facebook page.

3. Affiliate Marketing

You must have noticed that people nowadays prefer to buy their favorite goods sitting at home. Although only few people in India buy online now, but in the coming time more and more people will like to shop online. There are many advantages of online shopping, so slowly people are leaning towards this. Companies that sell their goods online understand very well that the time to come will be online shopping.

These companies are trying to sell their goods online in many ways. One of these methods is affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing also benefits the company that their products are sold easily, the affiliate marketer gets a hefty commission.

Affiliate marketing can be understood in easy words by an example. You must have heard the name of many companies that sell their goods online. One of these companies is Amazon. If you are successful in selling an Amazon product, then the company pays you a commission in return. Suppose if you succeed in selling a shirt of Rs 500 available on Amazon, then the company will give you about 10% commission (Rs 50). This is called affiliate marketing.

Now you must know how to make money from your Facebook page (How to make money from facebook page). When you share a link to a good and cheap product from Amazon or Flipkart on your Facebook page, some people will definitely buy that product through that link. When people buy that item from the link you shared, you will get its commission.

If 100000 people will be connected to your Facebook page, then there will be at least 10 people out of 100000 people who will buy that product. Means about 500 rupees for you, that too in a day.

How to make money from facebook page (How to make money from facebook page), There are many small things in this year, which is very important for you to know. We will tell you these things only when you are interested in this war. If you really want to earn money from Facebook page, then tell us by commenting and we will help you fully.


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