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Monday, October 21, 2019

How is cancer?

How is cancer?
Cancer is currently regarded as one of the fastest growing diseases in the world, and one of the biggest problems for healthcare professionals is its timely diagnosis.

Experts say that under the current method, the cancer is diagnosed when it has begun and reached the first or second stage.

Usually 'breast cancer' is diagnosed when it has reached the second or third stage, as well as other types of cancer that are delayed.

Even after the diagnosis of cancer, experts know the reasons for it, but now experts have begun work on a new research that aims to identify the causes of cancer.

According to the British Broadcasting Agency BBC, US and UK health professionals have jointly embarked on a new research.

According to the report, 'Cancer Research UK' shared with experts from the British University of Cambridge, University College of London and the US 'Stanford and Oregon University to research the causes of cancer, followed by all institutions. Experts will investigate the matter.

During the new research, experts will discover how cancer is and how it appears on the human body on the first day.

During this new research, experts will try to find out how cancer is done, including blood, breath and urine tests, among other methods.

Experts will also examine suspicious individuals with advanced equipment during this time, with suspicions that they may have cancer.

For the first time US and British specialists will work together on this unique research, and it is believed that the study may take at least three decades.

At this time, there is no way around the world to discover how cancer is caused and the effects it has on the human body in the early days of its birth.

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Experts in the research team on how to treat cancer say cancer is usually diagnosed around the world when it has developed and sometimes the final stage of cancer is diagnosed. ۔

Cancer is a rapidly growing disease and recent reports suggest that the number of cancer cases worldwide will increase by 60% by 2024.

During the recent World Cancer Leaders Conference, experts said cancer was spreading rapidly around the world and the main reasons were smoking, poor diet and sitting around the world, which would increase its risk. And by 2024 the number of such cases is likely to increase by 60%.

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