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Monday, October 21, 2019

Garmin has discovered a new line of smartwatch inspired by Star Wars

Garmin has discovered a new line of smartwatch inspired by Star Wars

Today, you can wear your favorite Star Wars character on your wrist with Garmin fitness trackers highlighted by the facility's most popular personalities.

Garmin announced the Legacy Saga Series today - the accumulation of Star Wars themed smartwatches with the Garmin Connect apps affected by the app itself.

The rare release of health care watches allows you to talk your favorite (or low-life) holy spirit easily with engraved movements, character badges and character watch faces.

The Rey Special Edition smartwatch comes with a white cowhide band shown after the popular character style. The border is engraved with the famous logo of Jlem and the words 'Unimaginable' is placed in the back of the wonderful model.

Darth Vader special edition smart watches are the exact opposite. Dull calf strips are improved with Sith red seam and dark nubuck cow leather inside. The Durasteel bezel is covered in delicate parts that make the TIE Advanced X1 cockpit interesting, and, if you touch the watch, you get the 'Cosmic System Standard' written on the back.

Both the watch's display smartwatch seem to depend on their individual characters such as objective operation and Jedi (or Sith, in case you go to the dark side) prompted the app's app. Garmin Connect with images, selections, icons arranged by character and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

"Breathing life into Saga heritage repair smartwatches has never felt like work," said Dan Bartel, vice president of global deals. “A significant number of us grew up in the Star Wars adventure, and it's funny to have a fan wear it directly on your wrist. Character storytelling through materials, structure, and application experiences is one of the kinds of Garmin. How to honor such an overall social wonder. "

In addition to the Force-making Force, the successor Saga Series reveals all the highlights of the latest Garmin smartwatches, including every minute of every day for good observation, on-screen training, floating Turn on health, alertly choose, IQ content interface, music, security and compliance highlights, Garmin Pay and perfect on most Android and iOS gadgets.

The Garmin Legacy Saga product line is now accessible from with prices starting at £ 349.99.

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